Cutting out the Bullshit

I’ve been MIA the last month or so. I got stuck in a cycle of always thinking about being a writer and writing, but not actually doing the writing. It’s hard when you are uninspired to conjure up an idea worth writing about, so to find some inspiration I have been scouring the interwebs in an attempt to gain more knowledge. In my search I have been watching TED talks from writers, listening to audiobooks and reading The Elements of Style by William Strunk when you’re looking into the art of writing, this book is almost always mentioned. So far I’ve gotten some real enjoyment from listening to Stephen Kings On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft this book is a “no bullshit” memoir and masterclass on writing in general. I’ve almost finished it and I already know that I will be listening to it again soon, not because it’s easily forgettable, but because it is a bundle of lessons. I am familiar with Stephen King’s film adaptions and his name as an author but have yet to read any of his books although, you don’t need to really need to to get enjoyment from this. Listening to him read his audiobook to you, it feels like he is sitting across the room talking to you while you’re doing the dishes, or sitting in the backseat teaching you how to write on your drive home from your daily 9 to 5. I think what is holding me back from my own writing is my inability to just let go and write even though it’s not perfect or may not make sense the first time around. Rewriting is an important part of the writing process and it’s not going to go away, there’s no first draft that can really stand on its own as a good final draft. I guess this post is a message to the other writers out there like myself going through the same things, this is how I’ve been dealing with it, what has helped you?


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