Real Estate, Here I Come!

I passed my Real Estate exam today. The weight that has been lifted off of my shoulders is astronomical and so hard to explain. I’ve been working towards getting my license for months, having “graduated” the classes in May.¬† I made a big decision for myself, my career and my family at the beginning of this year that I’ve often thought back on and wondered if maybe I should have chosen differently and recent events have me realizing that I made the right choice. Before I started the classes in May I was on track at my retail job to become an Assistant Store Manager, I’ve been working in retail for almost 10 years now and I’ve been fighting with what I want to do with the rest of my life for a long time. I decided last year that I would move up in the company and enter the training program for this salaried position, while I try to figure my life out. During my training the position changed entirely, it was no longer salaried, had more responsibilities than ever and I was learning at my new store that I was really good at it, but also incredibly stressed out. I pushed through everything and it was during this time that I started looking at open houses with my mother and my aunt, who is a Realtor. It was genuinely a highlight of my week, getting together with them and going into these open houses and seeing the uniqueness of them, getting a feel of the market, making plans on how we would flip them-I loved it. My aunt would talk about the people she had been helping to find a home and I thought to myself that it must be so rewarding to be able to help a family find their dream home. So we talked about me getting my license and I¬†studied it as a career heavily before I finally made the decision to go for it.

Right around the same time I made this decision, I was promoted to work as an Assistant Store Manager. I got the call from my District Manager and she asked me if I wanted to accept the job and thinking that I couldn’t say no, I said yes. I was an Assistant Store Manager for a total of 3 days, I hadn’t even stepped into my new store when I made the decision to step down. After speaking with my DM again she basically told me that I would be getting paid .20 more an hour because I don’t have a college degree and that I would be running the store as a Store Manager while the actual Store Manager was out doing other things. This company I work for has always boasted about how easy and rewarding it is to move up, what your degree is or isn’t has never been an issue for anyone else I knew and was never supposed to be a problem or a reason to hold me back. After failing to negotiate a pay increase based on the copious amount of experience I have, I stepped down officially. It was terrifying but it felt right at the time to stand up for myself. I know that I am worth more than that .20 cent raise and I would have been such an asset to them, but I am so glad to be done with that position.

I am looking forward to getting my Real Estate license and working with my aunt to help people find their dream homes, and I am also looking forward to writing again. This feels like a really great time in my life and I just had to share. Even though it feels like you may never find a comfort zone for yourself, never be able to make that decision to follow your passion, sometimes you just need patience. When you’re really honest with yourself about what you want to do and what you get joy out of, I find it’s actually pretty simple to get an answer.

I need to update my About page now.


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